Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Paris

Olivier CLAUDE M.D. is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon qualified by the French General Medical Council. He is specialized in silhouette and face surgery notably in mammary surgery and facial rejuvenation for which he has attended a complementary training in the United States as Assistant to Professor Yaremchuk in Harvard, Boston, Mass. (2004-2005).

Thanks to his French-American experience in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, he can offer his patients the most rigorous and efficient techniques with which he combines the most recent innovations validated by the scientific community.

Olivier CLAUDE M.D. performs his operations in three most renowned Parisian clinics, which guarantee high standard security conditions.

Before taking any decision to be operated on, clear and detailed information must be obtained. Olivier CLAUDE M.D. is at your disposal to give you personalized information during a consultation during which he will be able to listen to your expectations and offer you the most adapted solution.

Olivier CLAUDE M.D.

Chirurgie esthétique du corps
Body Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery can improve the whole body harmony. Liposuction and breast enlargement are the most frequently performed surgeries. 

chirurgie esthetique du visageFacial Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery rejuvenates the face giving it an embellished harmony. It is essential to obtain a naturally balanced result to this type of surgeries.

Medecine esthetique du visageFacial Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine can embellish the face or rejuvenate it without surgery. It gives a new freshness and harmony to the face without scars or any need to stop the patient’s every day activity.